Writing Survey Questions and conduct survey

Applied Writing Assignment 1_ Writing Survey Questions and conduct survey

? Writing 4open-ended questions that focus on a on a particular topic (suggestions for topics are listed below) or any topic that you are interested in but can be well answered by the Survey methods.

? Writing 8 closed-ended questions on the same topic.

? Conduct survey on our class or/and your colleagues/friends. Ideally, the sample size should be more than 40.

? Analyze and summarize the data generated from the questions. In this part, you need to

The report should include the following parts:

? Introduction: Provide background for the topic that you are planning to do survey including what information was already known about the topic, and what does not know, why do you want to do the survey on this topic?
? Methods: List all questions that you used, and briefly justify why you used these questions to do the survey, how do you conduct the survey including the participants that you selected, and how many responses to your survey
? Results: Report your major results. You may consider to use table or others to organize and report the results.
? Discussion and conclusions: what conclusions do you have now based on the survey results? Any recommendations for future survey? Are the results of your survey consistent with other studies or different from others? Anything help readers understand your results can be discussed in this part.

Possible Topics

? Is there a relationship between family support and success in college?

? What factors are important influences on a person’s choice of movie? (Possible factors might include movie content, movie type, and actor or actress in leading role.)