Write any fiction story from our life

you should write any fiction story from our life. ( no any copy ) !!

2- you should writ the fiction story by narrative instructions.

3- Use of Language
How powerful is the imagery? Are the similes, metaphors etc. appropriate to the subject matter? Do they ring true/resonate? Are they overdone? Are strong verbs and nouns used instead of adjectives and adverbs? Are there any clichés? Is the storytelling lively? Does the style suit the topic? Is the narrative voice (in the story context) in the vernacular (of the character)? Is it consistent? How does it relate to the intended audience? 20 marks

Relationship between Text and Subtext
Have you grasped the principles of show/don’t tell? Have you demonstrated your feel for what will affect your audience and why? 20 marks

I’ll be looking for evidence of your own distinctive voice; your own fresh ideas and angles from which you look at the world; your own individuality and flair, setting you apart from the mediocre. 30 marks

Does the narrative follow a coherent thread? Have you demonstrated an understanding and application of rising tension, turning points, peaks and breathers. Does your work unfold in a logical pattern? Do any plots develop with credibility? Do your stories grow out of the action and motivation? Is there a beginning, middle and end? Is the end satisfying? Is it powerful, logical, and clear? Does it end in the right place? Is the author’s intention clear?
Are transitions clear and logical? Does the poem have a recognisable structure? Is rhythm used effectively? Is rhyme used sparingly? Does the speech work in a logical structure with an introduction, statement of ideas, development, then summary?