Write an argument from the book Beowulf

The Beowulf Mordel and James (1999. P.122) notes that Beowulf is among the earliest existing Anglo-Saxon blockbusters. The book narrates the story on a Norse hero and warrior known as Beowulf. He is a hero for conquering and terrorizing many monsters that bothered Denmark and Sweden. The poem mainly integrates the two cultures; the Anglo-Saxon culture and Christian values. The original manuscript with the book was discovered in England and is written in old English, the language used by Anglo-Saxon invaders found in England in the periods between A.D 450 and 600 (Mordel & James, 1999, P. 129). The mystery as to who wrote Beowulf still remains unsolved, although certain texts from then book indicate that the book was probably written by a Christian after the tales of Norse and German heroes. The writer is believed to be a monk or a poet and the actions occur in Sweden and Denmark. The culture of many warriors in the ancient German population is clearly depicted. It indicates that wars were common and fighting was a sport (Gordon, 1992, p.12).