Coursework Instructions : You MUST choose a question below which you HAVE

NOT attempted or submitted for assessment before.

Provide a 1000 word case study on one of the following:-

With reference to the mode of action (including a schematic diagram) and its role in engine management discuss the proposal that the Lambda Sensor in a petrol engine represents analytical science at its best in a harsh environment and with high performance demands. (Note that in the past this question has been poorly answered because students tended to put too much into the theory and technoilogy and not enough on the analytical philosopy)

Any diagrams used must not be cut and pasted from other sources. They MUST be either redrawn

by hand and scanned in or drawn using an electronic drawing tool. Any directly lifted

diagrams will be ignored for the purpose of assessment.

Faculty of Health and Life Sciences

Module: 207BMS Analytical Science in Industry

What you need to submit………….

You must submit an ELECTRONIC COPY (via the Turnitin link on the 207bms Moodle site).

Note that

? All Coventry University students are required to submit an attempt for all summative

items of assessed coursework.

? If you fail to submit an attempt at this assessment you will not be entitled to resit this

assessment at a future date.

? Any submission received after the due date (unless accompanied by an approved deferral

or extension form) will not be marked and will receive a ZERO mark – however you may

be entitled to resit this assessment in future.

Marking Scheme/Criteria

Marks will be awarded for the quality of your report as follows:

  1. Content The extent to which the work effectively addresses the

requested issue(s), including compliance with guidelines on

length and the appropriateness of the content

25 Marks

  1. Evidence The extent to which claims in the report are supported by

relevant and appropriate evidence (published research and/or

reputable reports) and/or theoretical argument. 25 Marks

  1. Argument The extent to which there is a convincing line of argument

running through the work 25 Marks

  1. Coherence The extent to which each statement follows from previous

statements, producing a coherent structure overall

25 Marks

TOTAL 100 Marks

Specific help available

  1. A series of PDF files relevant to this CW can be found on Moodle under the Online

Tutorial topics.

  1. The issues surrounding the questions will be discussed in class and can also be on an

individual tutorial basis during feedback sessions (see below).

  1. General Feedback can be given on a first draft of the CW provided it is sent to me by Email

in good time.