Why has Amazon.com succeeded online when so many other companies have failed?

Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines
1. Southwest has mastered the low-price model and has the financial results to prove it. Why don’t the other airlines copy Southwest model? The other airlines don’t copy Southwest model because the other airlines don’t have the cost structure to match
2. Southwest. Example; fuel efficient, scheduling, and lower hub cost.
3. What risks does Southwest face? Can it continue to thrive as a low-cost airline when tough economic times hit? The risks that pose on statement to thrive on low-cost airline when tough economic times hit would be price wars, because Southwest airlines is at constant price with its competitors meaning Southwest would have to keep their tickets price really low, which will result in a low profit margin. The price of fuel. With the prices of fuel increasing, this can be a problem with their prices being
so low, would put pressure on low fares and result in increasing fares as well.
1. Why has Amazon.com succeeded online when so many other companies have failed? Amazon has succeeded online because Amazon ensures their customers will return by practicing direct marketing. The company provides excellent customer service by being available twenty-four hours. They offer unbeatable prices and reward for faithful customers, The Company also provides incentives to customers when reviews are left.
2. Will kindle revolutionize the book industry? Why not? Yes, because we are in a digital age where everything is electronic, it’s also very convenient to have a loaded kindle with all of your favorite books versus carrying or storing all of your favorite books.
3. What’s next for Amazon.com? Is cloud computing the direction for the company? Where else can it grow? What’s next for Amazon would be to venture into phones and other hardware. Yes, I cloud is the right direction for company because of the digital age we are in now. Being that I cloud compatible with most smartphones I think it’s a great direction for the company.


1. Would Zara’s model work for other retailers? Why or Why not?
No, because their production efficiency is next to none as they are able to bring the product to market shelf in 15 days which other retailers cannot match.
2. How is Zara going to expand successfully all over the world with the same level of speed and instant fashion?
By making their products available within days. Also by controlling the distribution network and responsiveness to the ever changing trends helps them to achieve the level of speed which can cater to consumers globally and thus helping Zara to expand successfully.

1. Gillette has successfully convinced the world that “more is better” in terms of number of blades and other razors features. Why has that worked in the past? What’s next? This has worked in the past for Gillette’s because of impressive marketing knowledge of understanding men and what’s next for Gillette should be align itself with musicians and or movies.
2. Some of Gillette’s spokespeople such as tiger woods have run into controversy after becoming endorses for the brand. Does this Gillette; brand equity or marketing message explain? I don’t think that would hurt Gillette’s brand equity because they use different Athletes from around the world.
3. Can Gillette ever because as successful at marketing to women? Why or Not? I think Gillette can be very successful marketing to women because of the strategies, tactics used to market men , can be used to market the women, being that they are females athletes who like me when wearing your arms out as well as your legs like to shave.