Why are David and Jennifer teleported to Pleasantville? How do they react upon first arriving?

?Why are David and Jennifer teleported to Pleasantville? How do they react upon first arriving? Does their reaction to being in Pleasantville change? How? Why?
?How does the town of Pleasantville respond to David and Jennifer, the “new” Bud and Mary Sue? Does this reaction remain constant? Why?
?Why do people become “colored”? How does Pleasantville react initially to this phenomenon? How does this reaction change over time? Is it universal? Why or why not?
?Consider George Parker (Father), Betty Parker (Mother), and Bill Johnson (Soda Fountain Owner). How do they react to the “colored”? Why do they have such different reactions? Think about the three characters’ last scene together: what does it indicate or imply about their characters?
?David and Jennifer make very different choices at the end of Pleasantville. What are they and why?
?What groups in reality have been subjected to treatment similar to the “colored”? What are the similarities between the groups? How is the treatment similar? Are there any significant differences in either? What reasoning from the film might provide insight into this treatment in the real world?
All assignments should be word-processed, double spaced, and mechanically and grammatically correct. In the top right-hand header, place your last name and page number, e.g. Smith 1. At the top of the paper, place your name, professor’s name, course number, and date. Center the title. Please use a standard font in 10 or 12-point. Refer to http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/747/13/ as an example.
?To avoid second-person reference (you).
?To avoid vague pronoun reference, especially with “it” and “that.”
?To use plural nouns when necessary to avoid pronoun agreement errors.
?To look up any questions about comma placement (or other punctuation issues) in the writing handbook.
?To avoid contractions.
?Not to begin sentences with conjunctions (FANBOYS).
?To proofread carefully