what the “corrupt bargain” was during the 1824 U.S. Presidential election

1. Explain what the “corrupt bargain” was during the 1824 U.S. Presidential election.  Provide information as to what resulted from this political arrangement.  What type of voters did Andrew Jackson appeal to most during

this era?  What were some issues that people identified as President Andrew Jackson’s overreaching or abuse of authority during his administration (1829-1837)?  Why was he considered a controversial and unique Presidential


2. What were two factors that influenced the abolitionist cause against slavery?  What were two factors that influenced most U.S. slave owners to feel protective over their rights to own human property during the 1800s?

Explain in detail about two slave insurrections that took place during the first half of the 1800s.  How did each of these events end?

3. Explain how the history of Texas in the 1820s-1840s was significant to the expansion of the United States in the American West.  What factors caused tensions in Texas among U.S. settlers and the Mexican government?

Name two factors that caused the Mexican American War to erupt in 1846.  What consequences from the Mexican American War influenced the eruption of the U.S. Civil War in 1861?

4. Provide three examples of impacting issues that caused the U.S. Civil War to erupt in 1861.  During the war, what were some advantages and disadvantages that belonged to the Confederacy?  How did the Lincoln

administration manage to turn the tide of the conflict and cause the Confederacy’s defeat by 1865?

Writing Instructions:

1. Provide statistics to support your answer.
2. Choose 1 of the 5 essay questions to answer.
3. Write 3-5 pages to explain your position.
4. Paragraphs in this assignment need at least 5 sentences.
5. Type and double-space your answers.
6. Use at least two sources to support your answer.  (The textbook and/or notes from class may be used as references).  Do not use Wikipedia or Facebook or as sources.  Consult the professor if you have any questions

about what sources to use.
7. Use parenthetical citation format within your essay anytime you use one of your sources.
8. Provide a work cited page in addition to your 3-5 pages essay.

Citation examples:

The Northwest Ordinance of 1787 helped influence anti-slavery attitudes in the North due to its stated policy that slavery was prohibited in new states north of the Ohio River (Brands, Breen, Williams, and Gross, p. 144).

The Articles of Confederation was replaced with the U.S. Constitution in part because the federal government lacked the central authority and tax collecting initiative needed to stabilize the infant nation (notes from class).

**After using a source with multiple authors more than once, you are able to shorten the citation by writing the first author’s name and then “et al”.  This is a Latin term meaning “and others”.

Example: 17th and 18th century New England women were presented with greater financial opportunities through involvement in poultry sales (Brands et al., p. 58).