Central research problem:

The research problem for this case study is to examine past atrocities in Gaza strip have influenced the health system (Shachar, 2010). The conflicts in Gaza Strip have minimized mobility of people and goods. This has led to a great shortage of food and increased prices in the region. The takeover by Hamas introduced new problems such as 40% of pregnant mothers who were receiving antenatal cared suffered from anemia due to iron deficiency. The status of children who were suffering from chronic malnutrition worsened. There was increased new cased of blood cancer patient. The medical permit for most medical practitioners expired while offering their services to the patients (Shachar, 2010). The region continues to experience challenges of providing quality health care to most patients in the region. It therefore calls for the government to establish rehabilitation and recovery plan to the challenges being faced in the region. The conflicts have diverse effects that indirectly affected Gaza health system. Lack of fuel in the region also disabled the medical services quality and medical support systems. Patients limited patients from receiving treatment from other countries hence worsening the health status of many people (Shachar, 2010). Since the atrocities in Gaza Strip has destroy the health systems, the country plan to rehabilitate most of the health systems in order to avoid mortality rate from diseases which are treatable.

The research question:What social, political and economic factors are major causes for the poor quality of health care services in the Gaza strip? and the need for the region to establish recovery and rehabilitation plans in the health systems?