To complete the questions below, students are to choose a healthcare organization. This can be an organization in which the student has worked, has some knowledge about, or an organization that the student would like to study. The student will need access to administrators within the organization in order to complete this assignment. The questions are directly related to course topics and will offer preparation for the Final Paper. Responses to the questions must be thorough (one paragraph minimum for each), and include any relevant references.
A file containing these questions is available in the assignment tool.
1. What are the principle sources of financial reimbursement? What is the role of managed care in the organization?
2. Describe and illustrate the level of service integration in the organization.
3. What policy issues are effecting the organization?
4. How does the organization seek to reach underserved populations?
5. What quality initiatives are in place in the organization? What significant outcomes have been obtained from them?