week 10 The doctoral practitioner

week 10 The doctoral practitioner

This assignment consist of 3 Tasks :-

Task 1
It is Literature synthesis (week 10)
1. This 825-1000 word count. Check the instructions in file (Literature synthesis weekX.doc)
2. Please make introduction, headings and subheadings ?????conclusions.
3. Use 10-13 sources
4. Make sure these sources are reliable it is very important.
5. Read each point in the instructions to fulfill.
6. Check media file if it is required and check the previous assignment week, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8?. If it is essential
7. To build up a picture or a problem based place ??etc.
Please tell make this Task in single file because it will be given to the examiner as Task 1 assignment.


Task 2
It is Learning Set (Week10):
1- 750-850 word count (please do not exceed 850)
2- Make introduction, headings and subheadings and????..conclusions.
3- Check the instructions and each point of it.
4- Make sure 17-20 sources which are reliable or related to the topic.
5- Check if this task depends on previous week to build on ,eg workbased place problem??etc.
6- Check media file if required in the sources list available.
Please ask me questions if you have something not clear.

Task 3 ( later to be explained after you finish both 1 and 2 task )