Virtual Academic Scholarship Applicants Only:

Please describe your academic and professional goals in the field of social work. What specific population(s) interest(s) you? How do you desire to serve the population(s) professionally? Please discuss very candidly how this scholarship will assist you in achieving your academic goals. What, if any, special circumstances necessitate this scholarship during your academic endeavors (i.e. family situation, financial hardship, health conditions, etc.)? Please answer this question with no more than 1-2 pages attached as a supporting document to your application.

I would like to work as a social worker for military Personnel, I think that people are starting to realize how real the issues are that exist in the military realm: PTSD, Children of Deployed Parents, ETC. having experienced these issues first hand, I would like to be a part of the solution.
This scholarship will allow me the opportunity to attend school full time, and volunteer more.