Traumatic Brain Injury Patient

For this Part Three of your Project, develop a detailed assessment guide and an overall plan of care using the format below. Reference your recommendations and any statements that you make about the economics, psycho-social situations, and health care expectations.

You may use LifeCareWriter to assemble your plan. This software can be used for free for one month.
?Medical Intake/ History Review
?Medical Records Providers
?Chief Complaint and Subjective History
?Effects of Injury/ Illness on Daily Living
?Current Physical Complaints
?Past Medical History
?Current Medical and Rehabilitation Situation
?Financial Summary
?Family / Community Support
?Expected Outcomes

?Future Routine Medical Care
?Surgical Intervention or Aggressive Treatment Plan
?Drug Needs
?Diagnostic Testing / Educational Assessment
?Projected Evaluations
?Projected Therapeutic Modalities
?Aids for Independent Function
?Orthotics/ Prosthetics
?Wheelchair Needs and Accessories
?Orthopedic Equipment
?Home Care/ Institutional Care
?Home Furnishings and Accessories
?Architectural Renovations/ Housing Options