Transaction Cost Theory in Corporate Governance


Research Introduction


Statement of the problem

Purpose of this research

Significance of research

Research questions


Literature Review

Limitations of study:

Further research suggested:

Research Paper Grading Rubric

Content and Development

50% possible

Percentage Earned:


•    Student completed an in-depth analysis of a specific strategic management topic.

•    The paper focused on a specific research topic through the strategic management lens.

•    The paper included an introduction to the topic and historical development as necessary.

•    The discussion thoroughly investigated a topic and was supported by relevant and current research.

Additional Comments:


25% possible

Percentage Earned:


•    Paper is concise and well-sourced

•    The student provided a fluid discussion relating relevant strategic management theories and conceptual frameworks.

•    Paper displays student’s ability to correctly process and integrate information from the current body of knowledge deriving from the field of strategic management.

Additional Comments:


25% possible

Percentage Earned:


•    Structure is effective

•    APA formatting including:

o    Title page

o    Double-spacing

o    1-inch margins

o    References

o    Relevant in-text citations

•    Rules of grammar, usage, and punctuation are followed

•    Spelling is correct

•    Additional Comments: