train employees on the core foundations of ethics

1.    Should organizations “train employees on the core foundations of ethics” or also include a codified ethical standard for their organizations supported by continuous training?
2.    How should companies protect structured and semi-structured data maintained in their IS from competitor intelligence, including hackers?
(1)    The work must be free of PLAGIARISM.
(2)    The work must focus on answering each question. Answers must be separated.
(3)    Each answer must be supported by at least one reference, e.g. journals and advanced scholarly articles from an academic databases like PROQUEST and EBSCOHOST.
(4)    Select current research articles published within the last five years on the topic, if possible.
(5)    Use APA style for the whole work, including the in-text citation and references. (For every reference, there must be a corresponding citation in the text, and vice versa. Cited page numbers must be correct)
(6)    Used references are to be provided to me either as PDF files or direct web links.
(7)    The course is “Strategy Planning” and the work is for MBA level; hence it must demonstrate high quality of writing.