Tourism in Waikiki Hawaii Custom Essay

Tourism in Waikiki Hawaii The population of Hawaii is roughly 1.4 million and most inhabitants reside in Oahu. About one fifth of the population list at least 2 races, and this makes Hawaii the most varied state in the United States. In this state, 25% of the inhabitants are Caucasian, 9% are Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander, 9% are Latino, and 40% are Asian American (Craig & Osorio, 2010). In this paper, the purpose is to provide a discussion as to whether when people promote a notion of an authentic, traditional Hawaiian culture they are doing the same thing as the people in Waikiki, that is, producing a notion of Hawaiian culture which ignores political/economic/historical/social context in order to create a positive economic outcome for themselves. The paper also discusses whether this notion of Hawaiian culture is authentic and the reason why