Topic: Islam and World Politics

Topic: Islam and World Politics

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Assignment 2—Major Essay (2500 words)

Choose one of the following questions for your essay.

1. Islam views men and women as being equal in the spiritual sense. How does this work in reality? To what extent does Islam influence women’s role in public life? Use relevant examples for illustration.
2. Since the late 1960’s Islamic revivalism has progressively come to dominate religious and political discourse in the Muslim world. A variety of approaches have been taken by different groups and individuals in grappling with the continued relevance of Islam to the realities of contemporary life. This is seen in the different stands taken by secularists and traditionalists in regard to Islamization. Comment with relevant examples.
3. What factors have influenced the way that Islam has been understood in (and by) the West? How have these affected relations between the West and Muslim societies in general?
4. What are the implications for integration and sense of belonging of multiple identities in transnational societies? Discuss in relation to Muslims living as minorities in Western societies.
5. Events of September 11 precipitated counter-reactions from the United States which culminated in the war against terror. Discuss the implications of the war on terror on Muslim societies in general, and how these have affected Muslim responses.
6. The Arab Spring, and the reaction to it, constitutes one of the most dynamic challenges to policy makers looking at or working in the Arab and Muslim worlds. What are the ramifications for Political Islam and Islamic parties of the Arab Spring?
7. Sunni militants declared a Caliphate, the Islamic State, in June 2014, which erased the borders between Syria and Iraq. The move sought, in part, to invalidate the Sykes-Picot agreement (the Anglo-French Asia Minor Accord following WWI that established the Arab States as they exist today). Discuss the attraction of the idea of a caliphate and the challenges posed therein.
Question construction

Above are general outlines of question areas; students are expected to be explicitly answering a question based upon these, but modified to their specific approach.

Students will take it upon themselves to construct a question and answer it in their submissions. Essay and question must “match” to score high.


There is a dividing line between polemic and academic writing, occasionally a thin line, but more often not. If the student asserts a position in a combative tone, with little or suspect evidence, without proper academic referencing and/or a reasonable attempt to demonstrate the complexity, nuance and room for interpretation in the original sources, they are likely to be marked down heavily for this. Being “right” (difficult enough in a module like this) is not enough to get good marks; intellectual dispassion and academic integrity are demanded.

Relationship of task to GQ:

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Marking criteria

In your essay, make sure to incorporate the following:
• Clearly presented and defended argument
• Demonstrated analysis of the issues or concepts
• Demonstrated use of relevant literature
• Make sure that your paper is correctly referenced, and include relevant references from your readings and other literature with a bibliography of a minimum of 8 substantial works cited.
• All assignments should be referenced by the Harvard Referencing System. In text references should include author, date and page details, and the Reference/Bibliography at the end of the assignment. Any notes should be in the form of end notes.