Topic: Decision making and problem solving

Topic: Decision making and problem solving

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Answer these questions and clearly explain, define and summarise.

1. Conductive and deductive logic or reasoning value. When are they useful?

2. Independent variable and dependent variable?

3. Good hypothesis?

4. Research question
– management question
– management dilemma

5. Conduct a research an apple watch with the categories given.
– exploratory study and formal (quantitative) study.
– ask people
– experiment
– study about what causes what
– time dimension ( crossesestional/longitudinal )
– case study
– research environment

6. Qualitative research when do we use this in business .
Describe a piece of qualitative research that you think is valuable in particular category.

7. Interview ( identify a topic where ind. interview is needed and where group interview is needed).

8. Advance and dis advance of internet or web survey .
Research where int. survey would be appropriate and another where it would not appropriate.

9. Variables

Reference from : Cooper (2013) business research method. 12th ed. McGraw-hill. ISBN 9780073521503.