Topic: Dali in New York (1965)by Jack Bond and pina(2011) by wim wenders

Order Description

Assessment and Allocation of Marks
The purpose of the exercise is to test your development measured against the following learning outcomes:

Acquire skills necessary to undertake appropriate detailed research
Utilise research and analytical skills to develop an articulate, knowledgeable and appropriately researched critique.
Develop writing skills and adapt to writing for different media forms.
Develop and hone essay writing skills and skills of reasoned analysis.
Engage in critical analysis of narrative genre in screen culture.

Essay Titles (chose one).

Using at least two examples discuss to what extent ethics should be a consideration for a documentary maker?
Using at least two examples examine to what extent reality must become narrative in order to be understood by a screen audience.

Have you formed an argument directly related to the question or essay title?
Have you referenced a suitable range of sources?
Is your analysis balanced and containing more than one point of view?
Have you analysed an appropriate number of themes that relate to the essay?

Have you written in clear, degree level English?
Have you correctly referenced your sources?
Is your bibliography correctly presented and of an appropriate length?
Have you included a clear introduction, themed paragraphs and a conclusion?
Have you numbered each page and included the title and your name in the final paper?
Are you within the wordcount?