To what extent self-determination a result of weakness or absence of democratic governance

The modules name is Nationalism, ethnicity and state in Asia and Africa. It is of the utmost importance that this essay stays purely analytical with a touch of description while analysing various cases. Please start of by describing self-determination and how the definition varies throughout various schools.

the question states to what extent are claims for self-determination a result of weakness and absence of democratic governance so in this you will analyse in favour of the argument using a case study from any asian of african country to support your argument. Even while analysing that particular country you will analyse to what extent weakness and absence of democratic governance are responsible and briefly explain other factors that could have contributed as well, such as ethnicity etc

Then you will analyse and other various factors that cause for claims to self determination. In each separate case analyse the main reason but also analyse to what extent the weakness and absence of democratic governance played a role as well.

In the introduction given an overview of what will be discussed through out the essay, as well as highlighting the various factors for claim to self-determinaton you will be discussing

Please remember to make the essay as analytical as possible. I will upload files but do no rely solely on those as i am not sure of their relevance.

This essay is 35% of my overall grade so please give it importance. In the past i have ordered premium quality essay and they have almost never lived upto expectations

Please include footnotes as well as they increase the word count.