Theory of multiliteracies pedagogy

Topic: Theory of multiliteracies pedagogy

In A Pedagogy of Multiliteracies: Designing social futures, The New London Group argues that when considering literacy requirements for the 21st century change is necessary: ?It may well be that we have to rethink what we are teaching, and in particular, what new learning needs literacy pedagogy might address? (1996, p. 10). Write an essay in which you discuss how the pedagogy of Multiliteracies can assist teachers in the science curriculum content area to rethink what curriculum content is taught and to identify what new literacy learning needs should be addressed in the 21st century. In your discussion, indicate how a Multiliteracies approach incorporates the theoretical perspectives of language as a social practice that underpin the successful teaching of the literacy requirements of all curriculum content areas. The essay should include specific discussion of the role of language in supporting students? construction of meaning (content knowledge), and also address the role of digital literacies in modern pedagogical practice. You must critically evaluate the extent to which The New London Group?s pedagogy of Multiliteracies can assist teachers in your curriculum content area with both the delivery of their teaching and learning programs and enable students to use digital tools ?to create and establish? their own ?communities? (Andrews, 2004, p. 58). Your essay must refer to the ideas of The New London Group (1996) and Andrews (2004).