In two pages, construct an argument about a current event using the theory DRAMATISIM

Goal: The goal ofthis essay is to develop

your rhetorical skills by creating your own rhetorical argument. The challenge ofthis assignment is to choose a current event/political
issue and craft a succinct essay framing your ideas about the event/issue using a fundamental rhetorical theory.

Content: Consider the

following Questions:

1. What is the issue/event?

a. Who are the key players in this issue/event?

b. What is the debate/argument surrounding

this issue/event?

c. Why is it an issue/event?

2. What is your argument?

a. How does your theory of rhetoric support your argument?

b. What

other factors play into your claims (social, political, economic, etc.“)?

3. What is your opposition?

a. How does the opposition affect your

argument? Does it?

4. How will you use Ethos, Logos and/or Logos to strengthen your argument?

Specific to Essay 3: No Religion. Religion

is a belief, it is neither a theory nor a method of criticism and therefore it has no place in your essay. While many current events and
social issues do involve religion, your essay cannot.

For example: If you choose to write a rhetorical argument against Stem Cell

Research, you cannot claim that Stem Cells are against God’s will or that God makes people in certain ways and science should not be used
to help people. You can, however, discuss the economic benefits of new research or the economic strain of new research.