The way law interacts with law enforcment Custom Essay

THE WAY LAW INTERACTS WITH LAW ENFORCEMENT Introduction Law enforcement agents are officers or any public sector employee whose main duty comprise of ensuring there is law and order for a peaceful correlation. These people are vested by the legislature in the legal code enhance peace in the community. Security guards may not be termed as law enforcement officers since they do not have the power accredited to them to enforce specific laws. Law enforcement officers in U.S include police officers, constables and their deputies, prison officers, probation officers, sheriffs, game wardens, forest rangers, fire marshals, federal Bureau of investigation agents, drug enforcement agents, united secret service agents, Federal air Marshals, border patrol agents, District attorney and the prosecuting Attorney investigators, U.S coast guards, among others as stipulated by the constitution. Law enforcement agents do not make decisions for anyone’s charges. The purpose of the law enforcers is to make recommendations.