In my class, your Process essay topic can be about anything you do currently or did in the past that can be broken down into stages or steps, so your imagination is the limit. Whatever you choose, do try to be as specific as possible. Contrary to what you may think, being overly general causes papers to be too short, and being specific helps them become a more proper length because the details are concrete and easy to describe rather than vague generalities.


1) Instruct the reader on making a fairly complex recipe (but don’t just give the recipe; fill in on how you came to learn this, why it is special, when you serve it, and so on. Recipes alone are boring.)

2) Instruct the reader as to how you perform a specific task at work

3) Recall the preparations for a big specific event in your life, such as a wedding, reunion, holiday celebration, graduation, birthday party

4) Illustrate the job, military, or college application procedures

5) Teach a hobby, craft, or home improvement project that you’ve done, such as refinishing furniture, painting the house, making a garment or piece of jewelry, changing the oil in the car…

6) Describe a trip you took if it involved several stops or phases

7) Describe the stages of learning to drive or ride a horse

8) Serving on a jury (stages from getting the notice to the final verdict)

9) Describe the steps involving computers or putting something together