The Human Rights Act has revolutinized the way in which judges interpret statutes Research Paper Custom Essay

: The Human Rights Act Has Revolutionized the Way In Which Judges Interpret Statutes The United Kingdom was not initially a single country as it is today; instead, it was created from a group of countries that came together. As a result, the legal system that the United Kingdom puts in practice is a product of these countries’ legal systems. These legal systems include that of the English law, the Scots law and the Northern Ireland law (Bowcott 2012). All of the three legal systems apply in different parts of the kingdom. The system is based on the common law, which leans on the civil laws that date back to the Middle Ages. Although most of the laws that are used in these parts of the kingdom are different in terms of level of detail common law, they have a substantive chunk of their laws that is applied across the whole kingdom. These countries became one, after they signed a treaty to form the United Kingdom. The Article 19 as a result, of the other countries’ political union, captures part of that treaty. In the year 1707, through the acts of union, that created the Great Britain, stated that there was a union between the kingdom and Scotland, although the later was to remain independent as a legal system (Mou, 2012).