Allocated a specific historical period and will be required to research the history of chairs during that particular time. This is a short project, designed to provide the entire class with a brief introduction to the history of chairs. 2 Project requirements: • must research the specific historical period you have been allocated, and provide at least 3 examples of chair designs of that period. • research parameters must include information such as – name of the designer and/or name of the chair, date of production, target audience, function or use, design influence (if known), specific materials used, and construction techniques applied. The title is “CHINESE FURNITURE” Tang Dynasty 618-907BC Song Dynasty 960BC-1279AD Ming Dynasty 1368-1644 • Provide at least one example of chair designs from each of these periods. • Research info must include: – Designer’s name and/or name of chair – Date of production – Target Audience – Function – Design influence (if known) – Materials used – Construction techniques Please send me e-mail if there’s any questions Thanks.