The Green revolution, problems and solutions

Film Analysis Essay

• A cause/effect essay requires the write to synthesize new and already known information
about a topic which may seem familiar on the surface, but about which the writer will
reveal logical and surprising causes and/or effects stemming from areas most people have
not previously considered. It is essential to offer new information linking the central
issue to causes/effects that are logical yet usually overlooked.
For this paper, outside sources must be used. This type of writing mostly offers its
thoughts to the reader based on the writer’s observations, thoughts, and evaluation of
the interconnectedness of the issue and its causes and/or effects. Source material should
include resources that provide facts or statistics which support the writer’s claims of cause/effect.

• This essay should offer:

• Personal observation, expert testimony (including facts/stats), and logic.

• Surprising effects of an issue and/or surprising causes of an issue.

• New information. If you are not providing new thought, the essay loses its


• A topic with which you are familiar.

• Explanation and argument supporting the results you are claiming.

• Outside source material. The maximum number allowed is three, and all of them

must be credible, relevant sources.

• Absolutely use our main mentor text – The Central Park Five – to assist with

organizational strategies for cause/effect, with ideas for employing tone/argument

language, and with the specific language and construction of cause/effect.

Avoid pitfalls of stating the obvious, of relying on sources that have already made all of
the cause/effect connections for you, of creating (or imagining) a cause/effect situation
that does not logically exist.
Essays need to follow MLA format, which includes specific guidelines regarding

margins, font size/type, spacing, heading, last name/page number, etc.