The Doctrine of Sanctification in The Book of Romans

BIBL 161 ? The Book of Romans

Research Paper Guidelines

STEP ONE Select your topic This course requires you to write on one of the following topics: (2) the doctrine of sanctification

STEP TWO Begin looking for sources. You must use 6-8 sources in this paper. This is the ?treasure hunt? part; you are searching for knowledge about your topic. A prospector searching for gold nuggets in a stream will be very focused on this task. You need to be equally focused. Start with the sources that are listed in the syllabus bibliography for your chosen topic. You can use websites (but not Wikipedia) with responsible information on them. Electronic books and articles are OK too as long as they are focused on your topic.

STEP THREE Begin taking notes Take notes on what you are learning from your sources. Be sure to keep track of where you find the information. This will be very important when it is time to put your paper together.

STEP FOUR Create an outline of your paper; this is like a prospector?s map.This will help you organize your notes. It will help you write your paper.

STEP FIVE Write your paper.
Your paper should be 6-8 pages, double-spaced in length. This does not include a cover page or the list of sources you use. Have a friend who has good English skills read your paper and mark it up for improvement. Make these changes as you get the paper ready to submit.
STEP SIX Document your information as you proceed with step five.
That?s where your notes will come in handy. You will need to insert the sources of your information into your paper in the form of notes.
Note Options:(source in parentheses) right after you use the information from the source in the paper Endnotes at the end of your paper Footnotes at the bottom of the page where you use the information. Microsoft Word has an automatic note numbering feature that will be very helpful to you if you use it. If you are not familiar with it, ask someone to help you learn how to use it.
STEP SEVEN Submit your paper Remember, I am looking for your paper to answer two questions:
(1) What did you learn about your topic?
(2) Where did you find the information about your topic?
You answer question 1 by writing your paper (60% of your grade)
You answer question 2 by inserting notes in your paper (40% of your grade)