the depiction of satan in the Medieval period


Write a research paper that discusses the relation ship between the (Depiction of Satan) in three texts: 1-Dante?s
Inferno, 2- John Milton?s Paradise Lost 3- The devil?s Bible ?Codax Gigas.


1. The importance of both Texts and how do they represent the Medieval period.
2. How Satan is depicted in the Medieval Period

3. The depiction of both Hells (Dante and Milton?s views on Hell)

4. The simplicity of Paradise lost
5. The complexity of Dante?s Inferno
6. The depiction of Satan himself ( In the lost paradise Milton represents Satan in a more humanoid way while
Dante represents him in a more monstrous way.)
7. Comment on the opposite trinity in Dante (Lucifer?s 3 faces )
Explain how satan is also represented in every circle through : The sins, Sinners, punishments and the guardians
of every sphere.

8. The approach of both Authors to Lust sex and Love.