The Book Review of Communication Miracles at Work

Gilbert, Matthew. (2002). Communication Miracles at Work: Effective Tools and Tipsfor Getting the Most from Your Work Relationships. Berkeley, California: Conari Press. Communication skills that can help you improve relationships with coworkers, managers, and clients.

reviewing the book list and try to select a book which would really interest you. Most of these are the
types of contemporary business books excellent for reading throughout your career. You will be asked to sign
up for the book you wish to read. No more than six students may sign up for any one book – though this is
somewhat flexible since I want you to read a book you are interested in.
Review will include:

A. Introduction and brief overview of the book.

B. Application to organizational behavior concepts/theories. This section will be the bulk of the paper and
will include a research component. Research one of the topics/premises set forth in the book. Analyze the
book based on sound research. Are the premises set forth in the book reliable and based on sound research or
are the ideas based on the author’s opinions? If research was presented in the book was it accurate or
skewed. Use critical thinking skills – much of what is written in popular literature is not empirically
factual. If you read a book that highlights a leader you should analyze the leadership style based on
concepts learned in class, for example, poer and influence or ethical behavior.

minimum of three professional articles to base your analysis on. Appropriate citations are needed.

C. How will the book impact you in the workplace or What is the practical value?

D. Conclusion and whether or not you would you recommend this book to others?