Texas Judiciary

Write an essay explaining the basic facts of the case and who was suing whom. Explain who won (the court case, not the bar fight) and why the majority decided that way. Explain why three judges disagreed. Finally, if you were a Texas Supreme Court justice, how would you rule in this case?for the first part please go to this website http://www.txcourts.gov/supreme and http://data.scotxblog.com/scotx/no/06-1022 ) this is gonna help you to write the paragraph. on second part of this essay, you have to explain The name of the case.
What it was basically about.
What did the court decide about the lower court of appeals opinion and why?
What is a dissenting opinion, and what were the reasons behind the one in this case?
As the majority opinion points out, courts have long held that the police may use a certain amount of “trickery and deception” during an interrogation. If you were a judge deciding this case, how would you rule? How would you balance society’s need to get bad guys convicted with our Constitution’s rights of the accused? go to this website http://www.txcourts.gov/cca and http://www.mysanantonio.com/news/local_news/article/Detective-s-fake-fingerprint-report-leads-to-new-4547385.php Read about the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, then use the “Hand Down List” to find a list of the court’s recent orders and opinions, which are organized by the date of issue. Find a decision issued on March 3, 2010, involving Ronald Lee Wilson (PD-0307-09), who was convicted of shooting Amos Gutierrez in 2006. Turns out, the detective used a fake forensic report to bluff Wilson into thinking his fingerprints were on an ammo clip found near the body, which convinced Wilson to confess to the crime.