Technology in business

1. What are the tradeoffs associated with assigning IT budgets to user departments?

2. Why does IT have a “slush fund”? Is there a better way to handle the issues involved?
3. We keep seeing evidence of conflict between IT managers and, seemingly, everybody else. What’s going on? How would you suggest improving the situation?
4. Was it good idea for Barton to ask for budget control even when advised otherwise?
5. We’re seeing the first hints of a looming problem- issues related to accountability and transparency with respect to external stakeholders. For example, what information should a firm share with its customers? What should it keep from them? How about stockholders? Regulators?

Chapter 9

1. Why was the IT presentation the last item on the agenda and given only 30 minutes?
2. What role, if any, does the board have with respect to IT governance?
3. Why did the board delay the creation of the IT oversight committee?
4. How should Barton handle Carraro and Williams?
5. How’s Barton doing so far? What are his biggest wins and losses?