Technical Project Management-Mid-Term Exam

Technical Project Management-Mid-Term Exam


This exam covers all material since the beginning of the semester. These topics include:

•    Intro

•    Ch 1 What is project management?

•    Ch 2 Stages of Systems Engineering

•    Ch 3 Systems Development Life Cycle

•    Ch 4 Project & Systems Definition

•    Ch 5 Planning Fundamentals

•    Ch 6 Project Time Planning

•    Ch 7 Advanced Network Analyses & Scheduling

•    Ch 13 Project Organizations

•    Ch 14 Project Roles, Responsibility, and Authority

•    Ch 15 Managing Participation, Teamwork, and Conflict

This is an OPEN BOOK exam.  Everything from the notes, book, and lectures are allowable on this exam.

Answer all questions clearly and concisely; follow all instructions.  Use your own words, plagiarism will not be tolerated.