These are the question:

1-Hypothesis Statement:

2-Procedure (in outline form):

3-Topics for your results section:

Present your results in organized tables, figures, and/or graphs so that they are easy for your GSA to understand. Prepare graphs using a spreadsheet program like Excel or Open Office. Label your graph axes and write a title for each graph, figure or table. Do not prepare your graphs by hand on graph paper.

If you use an equation for calculating your results, define the variables in the equation and use correct significant figures.

Write about your results in sentences and paragraphs. Explain what is important about your graphs, tables and figures of data. You do not need to explain every single result. Summarize your results so that your GSA can understand the work that you did.

Topics for your discussion section:

Write a clear, scientific statement about the purpose of your research and the research question your team is investigating.

Write a hypothesis statement. Your hypothesis should be a testable generalization which states the relationship between two selected variables under specified conditions. It is OK if your hypothesis statement turns out to be wrong that is a part of research.

Define your independent, dependent, and control variables.

In three or four sentences, briefly explain how you modified the experiment handout procedure in order to complete your research.

Explain how your results support or do not support your hypothesis.

Discuss any limitations of your experiment or mistakes you made and how they affect the final results. Be specific do not simply blame everything on Human Error.

Recommend reasonable suggestions for improving the experiment. Think about what you would do differently if you could repeat your experiment.

Topics for your reflection section:

Explain your individual contribution to your lab groups effort during the lab session and explain how effectively you and your lab partner(s) worked together throughout the experiment.