Summative Academic Essay

Please write to answering
the essay question below.
-Do international institutions such as the WTO and the OECD help or hinder democracy? Discuss,
drawing upon the concept of the “democratic deficit” and using examples from the case study
(Case Study Countries: Some of the essay questions refer to the following case study countries
introduced in Module 1: New Zealand, United Kingdom, Canada, United States, Sweden, Japan,
and Germany.
The above list has been provided to enable you to select countries with sufficient
information to complete the assignment. There is no scope for students to vary from
the above list and failure to use the approved list means that the essay question has
not been adequately answered, and will result in reduced marks or a fail grade.)

Students MUST write in the third person for all assessment items in this unit. For example,
rather than writing ‘In this essay, I will discuss…’, write: ‘This essay will discuss…’. Writing in the
third person is a formal writing skill which you must practise while undertaking this unit. If you
do not write in the third person your essay will be heavily penalised.