Information technology has always fascinated me most through out my life. Hence my diverse professional experience is mainly in information systems administration and development. However, over the time my goal has been to obtain a masters degree in business management which will enable me to incorporate business knowledge to the already acquired technical skills. This is mainly because the failed projects which I have seen are due to unrealistic business decisions due to poor business management backgrounds.

However, my educational background and work experience motivates me to pursue this Executive MBA program offered by the University of Wisconsin. This is because I have a Bachelors Degree in Electronic and communication Engineering combined with an extensive professional experience in information systems development. This is evident from the way I have climbed the career ladder for the thirteen years of my working experience starting from a IT Developer to a Senior Systems Engineer then to IS Enterprise Technical Specialist and finally to my current position which is now IS Enterprise Technical Administrator at the Wisconsin State Administration Department in the Enterprise Technology Division where am involved in software development as well as their administration.

In order to gain a broad understanding of Business Management, I am very much interested to do Executive MBA Program at UW Madison. This is mainly because of how the program is usually organized and scheduled. This program will also give me an opportunity to network with colleagues from different backgrounds and also the facility in which the program is conducted is of high caliber thus providing an environment which is conducive for learning. Moreover, my career goals can be achieved by doing an Executive MBA Program at UW Madison which will impart strong managerial skills to me which are very critical.