Strategic management study

Strategic management study
write the requirements below and i have attached the Case study and the steps

Use the textbook below;

Hanson, D.,

Hitt, M., Ireland, R. D., & Hoskisson, R. E. (2011). Strategic management: Competitiveness and globalisation (Asia-Pacific 4th Edition).
South Melbourne: Cengage Learning Australia. ISBN: 9780170186285

Access, manage, analyse, and critically evaluate qualitative and

quantitative company data following the steps for the case analysis process; Develop and recommend strategies to take advantage of
opportunities and to handle threats; Prepare and submit a business report with your recommendations; Demonstrate academic rigour in your
analysis and evidence of research

report is on the firm Qantas. read the case study on this company in your prescribed textbook (pp.

434-440) entitled ‘Qantas in the global airline industry as on early 2010.’ Besides this document, you must also do some research about
the company by consulting the company website, newspapers, business magazines, and the related websites. You should follow the 13 steps
given in the ‘‘Introduction: A summary ofthe case analysis process” written by Dallas Hanson (pp. 402 – 404). In step 13, in

particular, recommend a set of strategies to the company to take advantage of opportunities and to handle threats. Your recommendations must
be at all the three levels, ie., business level, corporate level, and international level. Make sure the strategies chosen fit in with your
analysis and conclusions.

the business report follows all the 13 steps ofthe case analysis process mentioned above. The word length as

mentioned that include in-text citations but excludes reference list.