story about Modern China History

Topic:    Tell your own story of modern china history

•    The essay will be 10 paragraphs and each paragraph should be 5-7 sentences

•    The essay will be until 8. Korean War 1953
•    Summary of each timeline in your own way.
•    You should cover the most important theme that you think of each timeline.
•    Write the main important things that happened at each timeline in your own way.
•    Make sure that each paragraph is related to the next one as timeline move on (link timeline together)
•    You can write a little about, Why China fell down when they trying to stand up and they try again to stand up? (Maximum 3 sentences)
•    You can write a little about, World War 1 impact on China history(maximum 3 sentences)
•    Use simple language and vocabulary.


Resource: Schoppa, R. Keith.  The Columbia Guide to Modern Chinese History.  ISBN 9780231112765


Paragraph 1: introduction

Overall define your opinion about modern china history 1839-1953. Make your decision in what way you understand and will tell the story.

China Timeline

Paragraph 2:
1.    1839-1842: Opium War; Treaty of Nanjing; Beginning of Unequal Treaty System
Paragraph 3:
2.    1894-1895: 1st Sino-Japanese War; Treaty of Shimonoseki
Paragraph 4:
3.    1911-1912: Revolution; Republic of China established
Paragraph 5:
4.    1919-1931: May 4th movement; Founding of CCP; White Terror & 5-Exterminations
Paragraph 6:
5.    1926-1928: Northern Expedition re-unifies China
Paragraph 7:
6.    1931-1945: Manchurian Incident; 2nd Sino-Japanese War
Paragraph 8:
7.    1945-1949: Civil War between communists and nationalists; People’s Republic established
Paragraph 9:
8.   1950-1953: Korean War

Paragraph 10: conclusion