Starbucks company issues relative to violations of law protecting employees.

Discuss a specific companys issues relative to violations of a law protecting employees such as the Equal Pay Act, the Civil Rights Act or the Americans ….


Every person regardless of the status or profession is entitled to rights and freedom within a given setting. Today, company rules and regulations, acts, laws and amendments that protect employees have been violated (Cragg 110). Researches done on Starbuck Company revealed how the company’s performance in beverage manufacture and distribution has drastically dropped. Evidence shows that there is an unusual shortage and reduction of employees or workers at the company. Employees have constantly been sacked or dismissed because of undeserving reasons. Issues related to health, gender or sex has been a major blow in the company (Cragg 115). How does violation of law happen? Violation happens when a worker refrains from engaging in an unlawful act such as making false statements in court or falsifying financial reports and later on he/she is fired because he failed to comply. Nonetheless, dismissal of an employee in an attempt to stem him/her from taking part in a right that is aimed at addressing a crucial obligation public obligation is also seen as an act of violation (Donoran 150). How has Starbuck Company violated the Americans with Disability Act law in relation to employee protection? This law is meant to protect employee(s) with disability against job discrimination. It is unfortunate that people with disabilities are denied chances of working in the company simply because they are “underperformers” people with disabilities have equal rights to fairly compete in the job market (Cragg, 165). What does this law advocate for? That no employee should be denied chance of working based on health status or disability unless otherwise. Therefore, it is unlawful to dismiss or discriminate an employee without giving him a chance to attempt a task at Starbuck. What are some of issues starbuck employees face as a result of violation of civil rights act? This act bound to protect the image of employees has failed in many cases to be adhered to. It is meant to give employers the power over hiring, and the right of owners to use property as they please. Recruiting workers based on color or race has been major issues in the company.some employees are granted incentives and other favors based on their status quo and educational background. What does this law advocate for? The civil rights law advocates for fair and just treatment to be conducted at the workplace regardless of the color or race, gender or age(Donoran 147).  What are some of the issues Starbuck employees face as a result of violation of Equal pay Act?  The act states that no one employer should reward an employee more or less in relation to sex. However Starbuck has raised a concern with this Act in that it declares that it does not reduce an employees pay instead of increasing pay of another. What happens when there are two similar tasks for different gender? The law still requires that the female employee is to be paid 15%less that his male counterpart (Donoran 155). So are women employees at Starbuck protected under this law? Earlier on it was unheard of for women to earn more than the men. Though the Act has allowed women to dominate in a man’s world, discrimination still happens when it comes to payment of wages. So what does this law advocate? The equal Pay Act law advocates for fair and equal compensation to every Starbuck worker.


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