sport complex economic impact analysis.

From your reading, the authors have identified 5 principles of inviolability that is essential to  maintaining the integrity of economic impact analysis.

Research articles on the economic impact that the construction of a sports complex will have or has had on
the surrounding community. From your research identify the principles used in the economic impact studies.

Are you able to identify violations of the five principles discussed in your chapter? Discuss the
possibility that the numbers given to the public sector may be skewed toward the sponsors of the
construction project.

You may use the project that you identified and discussed in your previous response question # 1….
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My personal example of sport complex: Emirates Stadium, London. Staples Center, Los angels. Qualcomm
Stadium, San Diego Or any new stadium in the Middle East.

The five principles whose inviolability is central to the integrity of economic impact analyses:

a. exclusion of local residents,

b. exclusion of ?time-switchers? and ?casuals,?

c. use of income rather than sales output measures of economic impact,

d. use of multiplier coefficients rather than multipliers, and

e. careful interpretation of employment measures.

Financing Sport ? 2nd Edition Authors: Dennis R. Howard and John L. Crompton, Fitness Information
Technology, 2005, West Virginia University ISBN: I-885693-38-9