Socialization and me

Socialization and me


Define and explain the concept of socialization. Choose at least 2 and no more than 3 of the socializing agents that had the most influence on you and made you the person you are today. Be specific in describing their influences and cite several examples for each agent and how they taught me regarding norms, values, acquiring values, and exposing me to certain activities and material culture.

Introduction paragraph 1-Define and explain the concept of socialization

Socializing agent paragraph 2-how my family is a socializing agent. We moved form ukraine when i was 10, they taught me jewish religion, how to dress, etc. Social norms, right or wrong morally, how to eat, drink, language russian, traditions, emotional development, hygiene

Socializing agent paragraph 3- how media is a socializing agent. Advertisement influenced me how to dress, material things to buy, etc.

Socializing agent paragraph 4- how school is a socializing agent taught me english, knowledge, reading, rules, structure 8am-3pm, performance, diversity, competition for best grades,

Conclusion- Essay summarizes the influence of these socializing agents.