Social Research

Choose a currently debated social issue. Find a case study piece of social research in the literature on the issue that was conducted in the past five years and published in an academic journal. Upload a copy of the article with your assignment. NOTE:- THIS WILL BE SENT AS A ADDITIONAL FILE.
You need to cite ten references to support your responses. You may use the readings from the homepage and your textbook. Put all references in one reference list at the end of this assignment.
The following readings have been recommended by the lecturer for this assignment:
Guba, E. G., & Lincoln, Y. S. (1981) Effective Evaluation. Jossey-Bass Publishers: San Francisco, CA,USA.
Minichiello, V., Aroni, R., Timewell, E. & Alexander L. (2000) In-depth Interviewing. Longman: Sydney.
Yin, R. K. (1994) Case Study Research: Design and Methods.Sage: Thousand Oaks, CA, USA.

Answer the following questions. You may use headings for each question. Start your response to each question on a separate line.

PART 1 (20% – 1000 words)
1. Give a definition of a case study method with an academic reference (e.g. from the textbook or a journal article)
2. Write a précis (or summary, like an abstract) of the research study you have chosen. (No references required to this question).
3. Put in your own words the research question. What exactly was the research about?
4. Discuss the methodology (research techniques) used and why these techniques were appropriate, or not for this particular research study. Draw on Babbie and other references to support your assertions. Be sure to cite your sources using the Think Health & Wellness Academic Writing Guide on the homepage.
5. What specific findings were derived from the case study? Give a brief overview.
PART 2 (20% – 500 words)
This is a reflective response, and you may write in the first person.
A. Would you have conducted the research in this way? Why? Why not? Give your specific reasons. Use references to support your viewpoint.
B. Reflect on both the strengths and weaknesses of the research approach used in the study. Refer specifically to at least one strength and one weakness. Use references to support your assertions.