The paper will include a brief history of the conflict
The paper will analyze the dynamics of the conflict by applying at least two theories:
1) Social Theory of Realism
2) Theory of Print culture in relation to understanding ethnonationalism versus islamism
Please include theoretical, historical, and analysis sections will need to have 8 sources from peer-reviewed journal articles relating to the conflict.
Last section will discuss the policy implications of the theories utilized to explain or understand the conflict.
Please use the book “Nationalism language, and Muslim Exceptionalism” by Tristan Mabry (isbn#978-0-8122-4691-9)
“Ethnic conflicts in world politics” by Harff & Gurr (ISBN#978-0-8133-9840-2)
These are easily found and it can be part of the 10 references
(This is a social science class, so the writer must have knowledge of social science theories)
Also make sure there is a clear explanations of the followings:
A) demonstrate knowledge of at least 2 theories as listed above
B) show the ability to acquire a knowledge of the history and the dynamics of the conflict using appropriate sources
c) demonstrate ability to grasp the policy implications of different theories