watch a video about the historic Supreme Court Decision concerning school segregation. The name of the video is SEPARATE BUT EQUAL and features Sydney Poitier and Burt Lancaster. You can find this video at the NDSU library (they have 7 copies so return the video right away for other students to use) and at Concordia Library and some video stores. Call first to save yourself time.
You should discuss the case and clearly outline (follow the format shown below to get all the points possible) the arguments and supporting data for each side presented. Make sure you label both sides and list and number points made by the lead attorneys Thurgood Marshall and John Davis. The Supreme Court Justices struggled with their decision on this case too. Make sure you outline and label the two different sides to the Justice’s decision making process also.This paper should be about 3-4 double spaced pages long. You should set up your paper like this.

For example:

Start with a few paragraphs about the case. What was it about, who were the people involved, how did the case progress…

Then outline the arguments of the two lead attorneys.

Thurgood Marshall – attorney for NAACP – He was against segregation.
Points he made are:
1) Separate is not equal.
2) The 14th amendment states…

John Davis- attorney for the State-He was for segregation.
Points he made are:
1) Plessy v. Ferguson dictates "separate but equal" accommodations were reasonable.
2) Desegregation would be harmful to black children.

Then outline the arguments of the Supreme Court Justices telling what they were thinking.

Justices for desegregation- they made statements like:
1) Separate schools are inherently unequal.

Justices for segregation- they made statements like:
1) Chaos would result if the schools were desegregated.

End with a summation paragraph, who won, what were the turning points, why was this important for the future of our country, did you like this film?