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Article Response
Type: Assignment – Written Assignment
Learning Outcomes Assessed: 12, 2, 3
Due Date:
19 Sep 14 17:00
Weight: 40%
Task Description:
Word limit: Min: 12,500 Max: 2,000
Stage 1
Choose one of the review articles from the Annual Review of Applied Linguistics, 2011 Volume 31 (These articles will also be posted into the Assessment area of the course website. The articles deal with various aspects of second language instruction and pedagogy in different settings. Read the chosen article carefully, noting the points relevant to any aspect of curriculum development.
Stage 2
Your task is to write a critical, reflective response to the points raised in relation to curriculum development in the chosen article.
1. Identify and summarise the main points in the chosen article as they relate to curriculum development.
2. Critique or comment on the author’s treatment of the issues.
3. Discuss how you might apply or respond to the issues discussed in the article.
4. Locate one of the references listed in the annotated bibliography at the end of each article (choose a book chapter or an article rather than a whole book). What additional perspectives does your chosen reference contribute to the issues discussed in the review article?
5. Conclude the assignment with what you have learned for curriculum development.
Stage 3: Submit

Criteria & Marking:
Assignment 1 Assessment criteria
Performance indicators will be provided for these criteria on
1. The main points raised in the article relating to curriculum development are effectively reviewed and there is an effective critique of the author’s treatment of the issues ( /15).
2. An effective discussion of the additional perspectives your chosen reference brings to the issues discussed in the review article ( /10).
3. An effective and relevant discussion of how you might apply or respond to the issues discussed in both articles ( /10).
4. An appropriate format for an academic review using standard academic discourse and appropriate and accurate referencing ( /5).

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