russian drama

russian drama
‘Man’s life is a cheat and a disappointment;
All things are unreal,
Unreal and disappointing’.
The above passage from T S Eliot’s Murder in the Cathedral can be used as a brief ironic description of some of the dramatic worlds created by numerous playwrights studied for this Option. Discuss ONE play ( Aleksandr Nikolaevich Ostrovsky ‘The Storm’ ) that can be used either to support or to refute the above quotation. Explain persuasively the reason behind your choice and provide specific examples from the play to support your argument.

This essay is for my Slavonic Drama university course. We have studied hungarian and russian plays, but a writer must write about Ostrovsky’s ‘THe Storm’, because the one hungarian play we have studied is hardly to find.
This essay is very important to me as i might fail my course. Before placing a bid please be sure that you will manage to write the essay properly. A writer should read the play firstly and provide specific examples from the play to support arguments.