reflect on assignment

This is what I have done: “Summarize in your own words the following from the article:
Irl Solomon’s history class
Jennifer’s views on schools in poor area (Bronx & East St. Louis)
Contrast East St Louis with the school in Rye, New York”
Write essay about what you have learned from above assignment. Please choose one or two of the questions below to help guide you:
1. What skills do you feel this assignment helped you to develop the most?
Do you feel that in doing this assignment your academic skills have improved? If yes, how? If no, why not?
2. What are your learning goals for your next assignment? What skills do you feel you need to work on more? Explain your answer.
3. What would you change about the way you wrote this paper/did this assignment? (Think in terms of the time, place, and way in which you organized your project.)
4. Can you think of anything else you can do outside of this class that will help you on your next project? Explain your ideas.
5. How has this assignment helped you study for your other classes?