Quality Measurement and Assessment

Quality Measurement and Assessment

The identified quality issue is decreased nurse / patient ratio in my organization BHB hospital. Improving the staffing ratio so that it transcends to patient safety, patient satisfaction, cost effective care, increased job satisfaction, and translation of the organizations goals, values and mission is imperative in order to influence outcomes. With increased staff ratio and improving staff mix, practitioners will be better able to adequately care for our patients and convey the mission, goals and values into the day- to-day activities.  Please develop a quality improvement plan using the principles of Plan-Do-Study-Act model (PDSA). You can research any healthcare institution and align it with BHB.   The vision of BHB is safe high quality, people –centered, compassionate care every day and our mission is to ensure the highest quality health care through service, education and leadership.  Our value statements encompass respect, accountability, and integrity and service excellence. We strive to uphold and in co-operate the values of BHB and translate them into our daily practices.  Read instructions thoroughly and don’t leave out anything. Conduct a search of the literature related to the selected quality improvement issue..
To Prepare
Think about the quality improvement issue that you are addressing and the associated plan that you are developing. Consider the following:
o    What is the overall purpose, or aim, of doing this work?
o    What would you hope to achieve for the organization by undertaking this project? What are the objectives of this initiative?
o    What value would this work add to the organization?
o    How would this work improve practice and create outcomes with impact?
•    . Consider how addressing this quality improvement issue would align with the organization’s mission, vision, values, and strategic goals and objectives. How does it relate to regulatory issues, and other matters that are significant for the organization? If you notice a misalignment, use this as an opportunity to refine your focus.

Assignment 1
Write a 3- page paper that includes:
An introduction to your quality improvement plan, including the overarching aim of this initiative and an explanation of how it aligns with the   mission, vision, values, and strategic goals and objectives of the organization, as well as regulatory issues and other matters that are significant for the organization
–        An overview of the current situation with regard to this quality improvement issue in the organization
–        A description of measures and indicators
–        A presentation on data related to this issue, including:
–        Actual historical an current data and/or a description of the methods you would use to collect and analyze the data
–        Methods for collecting and analyzing data in the future, including when you would do this
–        A description of realistic, evidence-based targets
Be sure to cite evidence from the literature to justify your selection of the measures and indicators, as well as the performance targets

To Prepare
Conduct a search of the literature related to your selected quality improvement issue.
Evaluate the evidence presented in the research literature and the quality standards proposed by various organizations, including the IOM’s six aims for quality improvement.
Based on this review and your knowledge of the organization that you have selected, determine appropriate measures and indicators of performance related to your identified quality improvement issue.
Consider how you could gather and use historical evidence of the organization’s performance related to the quality improvement issue. Also consider methods for gathering and assessing current quantitative and qualitative data, including those currently in use by the organization (e.g., chart audit data, staff surveys, quality indicators that are monitored, observations). If possible, examine actual data to assess your selected organization’s performance related to the issue.
Think about what, specifically, you would like to achieve related to this issue. Establish realistic, evidence-based quality performance targets.
Analyze gap(s) between the organization’s current performance and the performance targets.
o    The measures and indicators that you would evaluate
o    Current and historical data related to this quality issue—either actual data or methods for how you would collect and analyze the data
o    Methods for collecting and analyzing data in the future (including when you would do this)
o    Realistic, evidence-based targets
•    Refer to the modified Donabedian model (access, structure, process, outcome, and patient experience) please research
•    Recall the performance targets that you identified for Section 3 (in Week 6). What does the recommendation that performance-driven planning should “begin with the end in mind” suggest given your established goals?
Think about how you would assess the organization’s strengths and weaknesses related to the performance gaps you identified
•    Based on the above, start to think of specific evidence-based strategies that could be implemented to close/minimize the performance gaps you have identified. Consider both interventions (what) and processes (how). Focus on strategies that are supported by the latest research and could create systems-level change. These may be tentative for now, but be sure to identify at least one that specifically lends itself to a change in process (i.e., practice, protocol, pathway, activity)
The Assignment
Quality Improvement Strategies

Write a 2 page paper in which you describe quality improvement strategies that you selected related to your quality improvement issue.
To complete this Assignment, you will create a process map..

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