Problem Statement

Paper instructions:
Note: To formulate a prob statement, focus on why is it an issue, a problematic that it need to be studied academically

We have always seen problem been issued on women & business on incentive, empowerment and encouragement but the approach here is different

While looking for many ways to help these women, lets look @ their empowerment in terms of family, culture of expectation, what is the additional hidden agenda

Is it even good to run business online? Are they doing any better than being employed? Is business online more empowering economically?

(Pls rephrase to include all these as intro to prob statement)
Issues like:
-medical well being
-who will provide security to their business when they are on aternity
-double burden
-Economically empowering?
-Not to be physically outside meeting people anymore?

In order to give true economic benefit, it is also important to understand and study these aspect

We need to generate questions from the value people are. Has sense of empowerment.

Under Self Empowerment:

What is the traditional form of women empowerment? Are women necessarily made richer from their previous position? Eg: From CEO to Doing Business Online

To look for alternative form of empowerment

Empowerment within the family

Does these online business women feel the sense of decision making? Do their husband acknowledge equal decision power or if there is any equality exist? Do they own their own time? Do they even have any say on where their money goes?

Agency: Do women in online business still go under their husband taxation?

Support: Is there even room to discuss support needed from husband or family? Who decide about children? Who decide about where money goes?

Empowerment: The value of your decision is equal to your partner. Agency: Nobody condition on yourself financially. WellBeing: The sense of happiness & contentment that that person is

WellBeing: The sense of happiness & contentment that that person is contributing financially

BH – kindly include all elements mentioned above to be rephrased beautifully as intro in problem statement and content in research questions

Kindly change all research question to  the following:

RQ1: What are the experience gained by women doing business online? (By studying day to day activities & processes)

RQ2: What is the nature of empowerment when women are involve in online business?

RQ3: Pls come out with question on AGENCY BH…

RQ4: Pls come out with question on WELLBEING BH…