Problem Behavior & Baseline Data

Problem Behavior & Baseline Data

Problem Behavior

I am a youthful female of 26 years in age. I have gone through education in high school and 1 year in college. I grew up in middle class family that cherished accomplishment in education and career just as their Christian faith. I am the third born in a family of five. I was excellent in class and at home, which gave me all that I was doing and quite focused. My social life was characterized by shyness though with a number of friends and dated in fewer times.

After graduating from high school education, I joined a college that was outside the state. My success shown once again in my first year, however I started to undergo hallucinations and delusions. My behavior was out of the normal and I separated myself from others. Due to this condition, I was in no position to work and got support from SSI. The illness was bizarre as it had not risen from my family past. My family on the other hand gave all the support that I needed be it financially or emotionally.


I was released from the psychiatric hospital two months later from inpatient treatment. My diagnosis was schizophrenia, undistinguishable type, chronic. My Global Assessment of Functioning (GAF) when I was being discharged was 30. I stayed with my parents and was placed on the support of SSI. My daily dose comprised of 500 mg of thorazine and was medication bound.

On my release from the psychiatric hospital, I was supposed to undergo a continued psychotherapy so as to enable me to get used to the needs of staying with the community and handle the illness. Cognitively I underwent auditory persecutory hallucinations and delusions in addition to perceptions that were negative that were negative of my condition. Emotionally I experienced a flat emotional impact and nervousness that were connected to inner conditions, duties and the composition of hallucinations and delusions. Internally I was alone and kept a distant from the social setting. My character was dormant; I could not do anything or live without the support from anyone.

My psychosocial aspect was in a big way harmed by the connection with the illness and my mode of handling it. The hallucinations, delusions and perceptions of my condition affected my daily life. My way of handling it was through evading duties and inner conditions and the rise in negative signs to manage stress on the other hand elevated anxiety, negative cognitions and psychotic conditions.