Principles of Marketing – Exam I

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Essay Questions (80Points in Total):

Direction: You are given two essay questions. For each question, provide concise and creative answers. If necessary, youmay provide some relevant examples to clarify the answers.
1.    In a smartphone market, Samsung and Apple are currently competing each other with their existing and new brands—i.e., Galaxy S5 vs. iPhone 6 and Galaxy Note 4 vs. iPhone 6 Plus. First, discuss how current product portfolio with two brands for each company makes it possible to gain competitive advantages in the current smartphone market using the concepts of customer value and value proposition. You may consider the selling point of each current portfolio. Then, choose one company and suggest your recommendations on future move to survive and grow in the current competitive market. For instance, you can suggest new product portfolio with Galaxy S6 and Note 5 for Samsung or iPhone 7 and 7 Plus for Apple. (40 points)

2.    As a member of management consulting group, you have been hired by a business-to-business office-equipment manufacturer. Currently, the company is managing a collection of five strategic business units (SBUs)in business portfolio, as shown below. Answer the following questions from the perspective of business portfolio. (40 points)

1)    Discuss why it is critical to diagnose the effectiveness of any business portfolio using the BCG growth-share matrix approach. (20 points)
2)    Draw a BCG matrix using the information in the following table and attach it into your WORD answer file using copy and paste function. Depending on the outcomes of BCG matrix you draw, diagnose current status of the company’s business portfolio and suggest some recommendations of what kinds of future actions the company should take. (20 points)